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2007 Октябрь / Настоящее время


'Marry Me Joseph' is a perfectly balanced and carefully tuned blend of different genres, beautiful and unique, captivating and emotional, intense and sensually gentle at the same time. Some might call them 'american rock', putting 'Marry Me Joseph' together with 'Crossfade', 'Breaking Benjamin' or the likes, while others may find themselves thinking it's more post hardcore than anything else.

While their music is hard to describe, their performance onstage will definitely be a memorable one. They find most creative ways to build and release the tension with different stages of development in each track, with punk-rock energy and 'emo-like' temper. This is a band that does not know how to play without jumping psychotically, spinning their guitars and putting up an amazing show, dramatic and spectacular at the same time.

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